Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Cambodia is like you're always tripping."-- Off the Rails in Phnom Penh

While things have definately gotten better(?) since this quote was published in one of the most infamous underground books ever written, and read by every traveler to Phnom Penh in the last 10 years... there is still an air of truth to it... its a city like no where else... and if i had had more battery in my camera, you would have seen a lot more of it... but alas... these pics will have to do....

And here now we get at quick glimpse of the city where I lived... the most fabulous Phnom Penh...

This here is independence monument... a major landmark to know if you want to get around the city.

This is a really awesome Fench style abandoned place... i think it was the embassy back in the day... but really don't know for sure.

This here is the national museum... which i unfortunately never actually got to go in... guess i was jut saving it for next time

And here we have the infamous row of "happy" pizza shops along the waterfront... if you don't get what they are, i'm not really sure if i should tell you.

This first video is of the resturants that I ate lunch at every day... how awesome are they! Shame we have nothing like that here.

And this is the main strip down at the waterfront... lots of resturants, bars, cafes, shops, hotels, etc. and the video ends at the FCC... the basic hub of expat life... with a very traditional french expat feel to it.

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