Saturday, August 18, 2007

"This house is circus, berserk as fuck, we tend to see that as a perk though."-- "This house is a Circus", Arctic Monkeys

So here it is... my grand palace... I've written about it before... so no real need to get into details... its awesome....

First we have my Squat Pot, in my second bathroom... never used... by me at least

This here is the my balcony/patio thing... and the view from it... plus my next door neighbor's house.

Here is the view from my door.

And this is the cat that was living in my 2nd bedroom and caused me to shut all my windows b/c he ran out of it one day and through my living room and had peed all over the bed... he ran when i tried to give him cheese this day... poor kitty cat...

And below are actual video's of the apartment... now, my batteries were dying, so i couldn't do it all at once... so you'll just have to bare with me... some of them are only a couple of seconds long....

My Kitchen, 2nd bathroom, and living room.

My bedroom

My bathroom

2nd bedroom

My patio and the view from it.

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